About ERIC

ERIC is a free marketplace where the sellers and buyers of substantive research meet.

As services for investment managers are unbundled from broking commissions, ERIC provides a transparent marketplace where these services can be sold and purchased. Investment managers looking forward today can see how research will ultimately be independently priced and paid for. If that is where we are going to be then ERIC allows you to get there today with benefits for transparency of fees, which can be shown to clients. Payments for research can be accepted directly or using Commission Sharing Agreements.

ERIC provides access to a full range of company, industry and macro research which is individually priced and can be bought directly, easily and quickly on an at need basis. ERIC has keyword search functionality allowing investors to quickly ascertain whether the research required on specific companies or topics is available. Investors can also search and find research classified by country or sector.

For the sellers of research ERIC offers the opportunity to leverage up sales effort. As the trend towards the unbundling of research from brokerage commissions continues, investment managers will be looking for a central market place where they can buy the research they need every day. ERIC is that marketplace where your research can reach the clients that only a large dedicated salesforce could otherwise meet. For those selling research with dedicated sales teams ERIC can reach the many clients that even the most dedicated sales team can struggle to contact and cover effectively. As a seller, ERIC is free of charge until you sell research on the platform. If you believe that the future is one of unbundled research then ERIC offers you the chance to be ahead of the competition selling to an ever growing market.

How it works?

Research Providers present their research to our community of fund managers with their choice of the following pricing options:

  • 'Make an Offer': allowing research providers to accept or decline offers on items with limited availability, such as analysts time, or unlimited availability, such as research notes.

  • 'Make an Offer (with blind reserve)': Research provider can set a blind reserve under which no offer will be accepted but notification will still be received. Offers above the reserve are accepted.

  • 'Buy Now For X' a transparent definitive price.

  • Ex Post/Agreed Offline: Allows fund managers to record comments and assign value to research services received and feed it in to their budgeting requirements. Information can be shared  across team or firm.

  • 'Negotiate': Allows fund managers to enter in to a bilateral private negotiation with research providers with agreed service levels and agreed valuations recorded. Fund managers can seek to 'try before you buy'. Information can be shared across team or firm.

The process of having research uploaded to a providers own microsite can be as simple as adding research@eri-c.com to an email distribution list.

Your Move!

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